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Keep Calm, VR is Still Alive and Kicking

If you have any interest in Virtual Reality technology, then you’ve probably come across articles claiming that “VR is dead.” However, this claim lacks awareness and understanding of what is really going on within the industry. Here’s Why VR is Not Even Close to its Deathbed History Approves! Those who…

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Game On: Increase Employee Efficiencies and Training Retention with Virtual Reality

Immersive gamification tools are a budgeting department’s best friend regarding employee training. Consider complicated function in an industrial, pilot, and medical training that involve expensive equipment and safety risks. Gamification simulates a safe and inexpensive environment whereby employees get adequate exposure to the work environment without the risks.

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What do you know about Augmented Reality (AR) Technology?

Have you heard of the Pokémon Go craze? Or better yet, used Snapchat filters? Well, did you know that these mobile applications are based on augmented reality technology? Augmented reality is part of our daily lives, and it is here to stay! According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), AR…

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