Desk with a magazine showing a vacation advertisement and small balloons flying into the room augmented reality concept renderPrint advertising, or any other type of advertising method, has a goal of capturing a person’s attention and quickly convincing them that they need a certain product.  Everyone should agree that while the goal has stayed the same all these years, the method of achieving that goal has continuously changed.

The first printed advertising ads were little blurbs of words before eventually including pictures which are getting larger and larger.  Then famous people were asked to promote certain products, because if they said that they used the product, why shouldn’t everyone else use it too!

Nowadays, print advertising is getting even more futuristic with the assistance of augmented reality.  A person can see the regular print ad in the newspaper or in a magazine, but that image and the ad comes to life the instance they scan that ad with their phone.  A video might pop up or an audio blurb might start playing.  These types of ads give the consumer a more interactive experience and that experience will draw them in and make them think that they need to purchase the item they are seeing even more than they used to with regular print ads.

Since most consumers are very tech-savvy and have their smartphone or tablet with them all the time, it is easy to make this leap from regular print advertising to augmented reality print advertising.  Everyone is trying to keep up with the times, so if they happen to spot something new that will work with their phone or tablet, they will feel like they need to try it out!  Of course, once a person tries this new phenomenon, they will be hooked until the next new thing comes along!

Magazine on an office desk seen through an app on a tablet with different shopping options  augmented reality concept 3D illustration

Here are 4 reasons why print advertising should start utilizing augmented reality and why it will become a necessity far into the future:

  1. Achieve an Emotional Connection with the Consumer


Consumers are emotional people, which is why they will react more to an augmented reality print ad than a regular one.  They will feel like they are part of the product, as the ad will allow them to interact and use whatever is being advertised.  Obviously, this type of advertising works better for some items than others.  Interacting with a new car racing through the streets is going to be much more exciting than applying facial moisturizer.  Well, for now anyway!


  1. Companies Can Save a Lot of Money with Augmented Reality Ads


Placing print advertisements in newspapers or magazines is quite costly, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in some instances.  While print ads are still necessary for augmented reality to be included, the actual augmented reality portion is cheaper than most people think.  A simple augmented reality advertisement can cost as little as five thousand dollars, while a more elaborate one could be closer to one hundred thousand dollars.  The real savings though comes from the fact that these augmented reality ads can be used repeatedly with different ad campaigns.


  1. Sales Will Dramatically Increase


Augmented reality can make the worst online shopping experiences better than ever, since consumers can interact with the items firsthand.  This means that when they see an advertisement that includes augmented reality for a pair of sunglasses or a hat, they can virtually try them on to see how they look.  There will be no more worrying about how they will look or if the item will fit.  And honestly, many businesses lose sales because no one wants to deal with returns.  Instead, unsure consumers simply do not purchase the product.  This alleviates all that stress, allowing consumers to make purchases on a whim, which will drastically increase sales.


  1. Improves Advertising Locally


An augmented reality print ad can help consumers not only find local establishments, but it will lead them there as well.  Therefore, if a person sees an augmented reality ad for a local café, the ad will show them a virtual tour of the location, but it will also guide them there step by step.  This is huge for local businesses who may be struggling to get their name out amongst all the chains in the same area.


As with anything else when it comes to technology, there are a couple challenges that businesses will face when they are trying to implement augmented reality into their print ads.  First, everyone needs to have access to at least one, but preferably more, augmented reality apps.  This can be a problem, because no one is going to want to search the app store to find the one that they need just so they can see what is included with the print ad.  This is especially true if the person is limited with their time at that moment.

Immersive VR Technologies has found a solution to that issue by providing links to the specific Ads within the Ad. By embedding a link for the user to follow or QR code the user can immediately get the correct app for the ad set.

Another issue is that smartphones and some other devices have limited hardware for watching these augmented reality ads.  While this is an issue now, eventually the smartphone technology will continue to improve until this problem is resolved.

The last issue that most companies face is figuring out exactly how to create an augmented reality print ad.  There are a few special kits that can be used to get the results that a company wants, but in reality, it is much easier to work with a professional like Immersive VR Technologies.  They are continuing to be considered experts in this field, which means that they can help a business from the planning stage all the way through to the final product.  And businesses don’t need to worry if they have no idea of what they want to do, because Immersive VR Technologies will help determine what type of augmented reality print ad will work best to help reach the goals put in place.