Immersive VR Technologies is a technology design studio, specializing in advanced software, hardware, and props that power mind-blowing custom 4D-VR experiences

Who Are We?

Charles M. Bell

Founder & CEO

The advancement in the technology sector has given the rise to extended reality, also known as XR, which includes augmented reality and virtual reality. These immersive technologies can help us understand things which were impossible only a few years ago.

Immersive VR Technologies have always tried their best to stay tuned with the latest technology trends for better customer experience. The advent of XR, AR, and VR has enabled the shift from 2D to 3D and even further. Note that this approach isn’t just applied to gamers or individual tech enthusiasts but also high-grade enterprises.

Our Core Value Lies in The Efficient Representation.

Immersive VR Technologies has provided effective solutions to numerous equipment manufacturers and industrial facilities in areas of productivity, maintenance, safety, and foretasted future solutions worldwide.

The founders started with providing basic technological services, later to form Immersive VR Technologies. We are now offering the best XR, VR, and AR solutions all over the world. Our services have grown beyond than just providing VR gaming solutions to individuals or small enterprises. The main services offered by Immersive VR Technologies are as follows

  • Virtual Reality Development i.e. recreational VR games
  • Augmented Reality Development i.e. modern AR gaming experiences
  • Developing High-end customized simulations for schools, organizations, and industrial training
  • Security and Safety Solutions for Manufacturing Industries

Our Aim

What makes us unique is our experienced team of developers encompassing the spectrum of Extended Reality to close the gap between the physical and digital world. Specifically, experts at Immersive VR Technologies are always trying to raise expectations of the customers by providing them the other side of the world through extended reality (XR).

How does it work?

With over two decades of technology experience, Immersive VR Technologies understand that most of the customers get confused by the fancy tech terms. Don’t worry, we always provide a thorough consultation to make a clear road-map to your goals. Whether you are looking for a simple project or want to make an investment in your training program, each project at Immersive VR Technologies go through the following process:

  • Consultation
  • Defining the goals and making the road map
  • Development
  • Testing the project with sample data
  • Implementation
  • Customer support for any upgrades or updates

In addition, Immersive VR Technologies is proactively applying elements of XR to live events, and app development.

The Imagination of Today is Tomorrow’s Technology

Extended reality is a new tech industry and there aren’t many reliable solutions for XR business models out there. Fortunately, developers at Immersive VR Technologies have already worked on many XR business solutions for industrial level as well as start-up companies or training institutes. Thus, you can always count on us regarding any Extended reality business model.

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply below or simply contact us.

Charles Bell

Charles Bell

Founder and CEO

Charles Bell is the talented and highly driven CEO of Cequix Technology Solutions LLC and Immersive VR Technologies.

Jacob Kershaw

Jacob Kershaw

Director of XR Experiences

Jacob is the talented and focused Director of XR Experiences. In this role Jacob leads a team of designers, developers

Clifford Black

Director Application Development

Clifford is the savvy Director of Application Development. He has the unique ability to look at any problem


Joe Raine

Full Stack Developer

Joe Raine is a Full Stack Developer at Immersive VR Technologies. Joe works in the development team creating control applications for our games and experiences. Joe graduated from Widener University with a BS in Computer Science.