Space VR

4D VR space battle from Immersive VR Technologies

This experience is designed perfectly for the arcade. You’re on a mission exploring the uncharted parts of space. What experiences lie ahead in this arcade game? You lost your squadron, so you will be encountering the enemy space force on your own. Will you be able to dodge and weave through planets, space debris, and meteors while trying to survive and destroy the enemy space force? Encounter all of this while trying to find your way back home through space. Will you be able to get back home?

Fish On!

Will you be able to catch the big prize fish or will that one slip away? This fishing experience takes you in the water to see what size and weight fish you can snag. Reel these fish in with our custom VR rod. After you reel that big catch in you will see the size and weight of the fish. How many fish can you reel in during this tournament style experience? Enjoy a day out on the water inside this experience to see if you have what it takes to catch the big prize.