The Executioner

Immersive VR Technologies present the Executioner a 4D VR Horror Experience like no other.

You have been sentenced to death. What you didn’t know what the twisted warden will make you suffer through your worst fears. In your orange jumpsuit you will be strapped to the electric chair. What will happen to you? Will you light on fire? Will they use a screwdriver to put a whole in your brain?Maybe the walls will close In on you. Maybe you will be covered in cockroaches. You may experience these and much more with our custom helmet and custom death row chair. These last few minutes before the final electrocution will feel like an eternity of torture.

The Executioner is a must have addition to any size haunted attraction. This amazing 4D horror experience incorporates jaw-dropping Virtual Reality (VR) infused with sensational haptic feedback, creating a mind-blowing and immersive experience. Add this full motion attraction to your haunt today and you will have visitors coming for miles to see if they can survive The Executioner.

This unique 4D VR Horror experience features 13 terrifying scenes, a motion platform, and haptic feedback that will test your bravest visitors’ courage. From first look at the intimidating electric chair, to the heart pounding moment that you are strapped in, to hearing the screams of other victims. This 4d VR experience is guaranteed to induce anxiety and create a viral buzz around your haunt.

The Executioner, 4D VR experience is only available from the creative minds at Immersive VR Technologies. Call today (856) 418-0095 and pre-order yours today.

Ideal for:
  • Small to Large Haunts
  • Home based Haunts
  • Arcades
  • VR-Cades
  • Events
  • Organizations
  • Fund Raisers
Immersive VR Technologies present the Executioner a 4D VR Horror Experience. Can you handle the torture? Strap in and test your will

The Executioner at the Tranworld Halloween and Attractions Show

Included with The Executioner

  • Electric Chair
  • 4D Motion Platform
  • Heat Lamps
  • Wrist, Ankle, Lap, and Chest Straps
  • Custom Cequix Gaming PC
  • HTC Vive VR Headset
  • Leg Shaker, Haptic Feedback

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