The Tour of Terror

Immersive VR Technologies present the Tour of Terror a 4D VR Horror Experience like no other.

A fun hayride tour with your friends takes a turn into your worst nightmare. Sitting on a rickety cart with wind blowing in your face you will experience an exhilarating hayride tour that will surprise and terrify you. Clowns with hammers and zombies in a graveyard are just the start, anything and everything is coming for you and your friends during this experience. Not only will the terror of the hayride take your breath away, many sadistic clowns, zombies, and worse will try to as well. Experience this nerve-racking experience with 1-4 people inside our 4DVR world. Will everyone survive the hayride? You’ll just have to experience The Tour of Terror to find out for yourself.

This Hayride is a must have showpiece for whatever size haunt you have, from the backyard to the multi-acre establishment. Set this ride up close to any queue line and watch it fill up while taking pressure of your normal attraction. The Tour of Terror experience can be pre-configured at  3, 5 , or 7 minutes.

Call Immersive VR Technologies at 856-418-0095 or Toll Free 877-832-5505 to order yours today!

Ideal for:
  • Small to Large Haunts
  • Home based Haunts
  • Arcades
  • VR-Cades
  • Events
  • Organizations
  • Fund Raisers

The Tour of Terror at the Tranworld Halloween and Attractions Show

Included with the Tour of Terror

  • Hayride Wagon Seat
  • 4D Motion Platform
  • Air Blower
  • Seat Belt
  • Custom Cequix Gaming PC
  • HTC Vive VR Headset

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